Feb 04 2018

Not dead!

Due to recent family issues, I couldn’t update the website with new info, but the project is still ongoing. The code is now hosted on github: https://github.com/IonutCava/Divide-Framework More info to come when I get a chance.

Mar 01 2017

4000m Eurotrip in a Nismo

I originally posted this on jukeforums.co.uk on the 27th of August 2015, but due to some forum changes, the post got messed up so this is my attempt at keeping the info alive. Hi everyone! After deciding to go on a holiday back to my hometown of Tulcea, Romania, me and my GF (Geo as …

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Apr 07 2016

Finally got the game type nailed down

No exactly huge news, but the I’ve got my game idea all laid out in random ToDo lists and project files. The main game code will be closed source during development, but the tech updates needed for it will, ofc be open source and free. Once the game is in a playable state / early …

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Feb 10 2016

Bit silly, but I’m happy :D


Bought the car with 4650 miles on the dash. >15K miles later and still going strong. Still over 50% on front brake  pads (I do find this a bit odd, but hey) 😀  

Feb 02 2016

Left all Romanian-centric FB groups (Long rant)

One of the most annoying things you can hear from Romanians in the UK: – “I consider myself to be a better fit here. I don’t like the lifestyle and mentality from back home”. Let me translate that: “I prefer living off the back of a former empire instead of helping my own nation thrive”. …

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Sep 22 2015

Lack of updates

This wasn’t exactly a “quick” update as promised, but boy was it hectic around here lately. Hopefully, those interested in the code didn’t mind the lack of posts on the site and/or blog, as the commit history on the XP-Dev project provided all of the interesting news (code-wise) a programmer really needs. And since this …

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Jan 15 2014

Quick update soon!

Since I started my new job at Gameloft, I had little to no time for posting on the blog/site and doing other social stuff, but development did not stop in any way. As of this post, AI PathFinding is fully functional and I’ll post a short video and some development logs and description as soon …

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Jul 24 2013

Life in the UK: Why it sucks.

[warning]Disclaimer: This is a personal rant, it’s strictly my opinion based on my experiences here.[/warning] Found this article today and was expecting to read some patriotic propaganda, but after reading it twice, it kinda conveys similar feelings to my own about this country: it’s a soulless, consumer driven, mishmash of everything bad (and good, don’t …

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Jun 18 2013

Squeaky clean – almost

[important]TL;DR: Rendering refactored for OGL3.x clean context. Lots of bugs. Takes time. New Revision soon.[/important] The new revision is getting harder and harder to commit the more I try to clean the code. What cleaning am I talking about? The first part of getting a clean OpenGL 3.x context to work, that cleaning. So, where …

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May 02 2013

May Update and Current Development path

After pushing a few revisions to the trunk since I got to the UK, I really started working on my dissertation project. But one thing led to another and now, updating the SVN will be postponed for a few more days. Revision 149 also presented a small bug that causes performance to slow down to …

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