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Christmas + New Year are now officially over for both sides of my family so it’s time for me to get off my l**y a** and get back to coding. New Year’s resolution for Divide?

  • Finish up the lighting/shadowing code (at least up to a usable level).
  • Optimise the Hell out of it so the framerate gets up by a factor of … 10? (random number. Main scene should, at the very least, reach double digit values for the framerate).
  • Fix the damn thing so that it actually displays something on my laptop’s dedicated GPU (GT525M).
  • Merge light branch with main branch after the previous 3 points are finished.
  • Add a particle system with a few effects (smoke and fire, mainly for explosions).
  • Fix PostFX code: DoF, HDR, SSAO, FXAA (didn’t need ’em so haven’t touched ’em in over 6 months).
  • Improve water (add waves, ripples, rain drops and puddle support on various surfaces. This is just my O.C.D. acting up) . Found a nice article on this over >>here [/^]<<

As soon as I finish these points up, time to see if I can pull off a double whammy: finish up my dissertation project and release a free and simple game / tech demo to see how the framework handles in the real world


-As I do not have a complete renderer (forward or deferred), I do not see the point of implementing both. Surely, a deferred renderer, be it only for light pre-pass would suffice, no? Have to keep reading …


-ATI/AMD: You have some deprecated functions in your shaders, but no problem, I’ll fix ’em for ya’.

-Intel: Cool shaders bro’. Look at me rendering stuff.

-nVidia: WARNING!ERROR!ERROR! you’re using a function that we don’t actually like anymore; here’s a black screen ~X(



-ATI/AMD: OpenGL 3.x? OK. Here’s some special API calls as a gift as well.

-Intel: OpenGL 3.2? What’s that? Dude … I don’t understand. \\fine, use 3.1\\ . Now this I understand. Here’s the scene rendered without a glitch.

-nVidia: OpenGL 3.1? What are you? A #$%# pussy? I won’t even bother creating a window for you. \\fine. use 3.2\\. Now that’s more like it! Here’s your black screen :/



-AMD Athlon II: SSE2/3? Nice. Let me multiply those matrices for you.

-Intel i5: SSE2/3? Nice. Let me multiply those matrices for you.

*both had different results with SSE on and same results with it off*


The joys of hardware abstraction.


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